Mobile Arts offers a flexible payment solution through Smart Mobile Tech, established for businesses seeking content hosting, seamless integration, and payment connections with payment methods.


Your Payment Provider Company

With the growing demand for digital consumption such as gaming platforms and VODs, the need for an efficient payment gateway with multiple payment methods and a seamless user experience is becoming increasingly important. 

For this reason, Smart Mobile Tech was founded in 2016 as a payment provider company. Since then, it has evolved into a trusted partner, providing solutions that empower digital businesses to broaden their digital payment reach across the EMEA region. It offers a comprehensive solution with seamless integration, encompassing various payment methods such as carrier billing, credit cards, and e-wallets. This, in turn, offers end-users a secure environment and an enhanced user experience.

Features & Benefits

Content Development & Hosting

Host your digital content and media using a comprehensive solution, enabling you to swiftly establish your brand and portal, seamlessly interconnected with multiple payment methods.

DCB Connectivity

Benefit from a DCB network for easy setup and integration process, enabling seamless and accessible payment experiences. You can introduce your services to new markets and reduce time-to-launch.

SDP Platform

Set up your white-label SDP to facilitate and oversee DCB services, subscriptions, and user lifecycle management. This encompasses supplementary advantages such as compliance, BI reports, and cybersecurity – all tailored to your specific requirements.

Add-On Payments

Expand your payment methods beyond operator payment channel with options like credit cards and in-app subscriptions. This empowers you to construct multiple payment funnels simultaneously and promote diverse payment methods boosting flexibility and growth.

Landing Page Toolkit

Gain entry to pre-designed templates and select the best-converting ones for your specific service verticals, be it games, utilities, or videos. This toolkit encompasses supplementary integrated features, including tracking, analytical tools, and anti-fraud integration.
You can also craft and modify your templates, and adjust elements like colors, fonts, disclaimers, and designs to seamlessly match your service vertical and brand identity.