Mobile Arts: A Story of Innovation and Success

  • 2013

    Our Journey Started in 2013

    We started our path as a tech provider specializing in mobile app monetization. 

  • 2015

    First DCB Service

    We began with the launch of Secret Box in UAE as the first DCB service for in-app subscriptions.

  • 2016

    Expanding to MENA

    Fueled by this initial success, we continued to push the boundaries, expanding our reach by introducing apps and services across the MENA region.

  • 2017

    First Engagement SDK

    We developed our first SDK, providing a comprehensive suite of high-tech monetization solutions, streamlined integrations, and an advertising toolkit. 

  • 2020

    Google Partnership

    We proudly secured a noteworthy partnership with Google, showcasing our ability to deliver remarkable results through Google Ads campaigns.
  • 2021

    Self-Managed Campaigns

    We introduced self-managed campaigns across Google, TikTok, and Facebook, and pioneered digital advertising for telecom operators.
  • 2023

    Pioneers in AI Campaigns

    Today, We are a leading tech provider, a pioneer in AI campaigns, and our MobiBox platform is the winner of the MEFFYS Award for Content and Advertising. 

  • Our Coverage

    With offices in Beirut, Dubai, Berlin, and Vapi, Mobile Arts has come a long way from its beginnings, but our passion for pushing boundaries and our focus on excellence and innovation remain unchanged.


Diversity and Creativity at Mobile Arts

Our Culture reflects every Mobile Arts-ian

At Mobile Arts, diversity is the key to our success! We embrace each other's differences and always celebrate our unique talents. With a quick-learning and constantly evolving team, we never stop pioneering and fostering creativity. Authenticity is a top priority and equality drives our progress forward. Together, we form a powerful bond that propels us toward excellence.

We Empower Growth

Mobile Arts embraces innovative ideas and talent to drive growth, providing a positive work atmosphere where team members feel comfortable expressing themselves and contributing to success. We invest in our employees' development by offering learning opportunities to help them grow professionally and reach their full potential.
We're always on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals

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