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Back As a leading tech provider, Mobile Arts established MobiBox, an all-in-one solution delivering innovative cloud-based solutions: Payment as a Service and Advertising as a
Back Mobile Arts offers through AdsTech a solution for seamless user acquisition and impactful brand advertising, providing high-quality traffic, optimized campaign performance, and enhanced online
Back Mobile Arts offers a flexible payment solution through Smart Mobile Tech, established for businesses seeking content hosting, seamless integration, and payment connections with payment
Back Mobile Arts established Media Vision as a company offering advertising solutions for brands, allowing them to establish their image and resonate with their target
Back With SendMe, Mobile Arts presents a white-label E-commerce solution, allowing businesses to build customized online stores, drive growth, and oversee e-commerce journeys without costly
Mobile Arts

A Leading Technology Provider

Since its inception in 2013, Mobile Arts has emerged as a pioneer in the realm of innovative tech solutions, empowering businesses with digital transformation to pave the way toward monetization. 

Our expertise lies in innovative technologies, game-changing strategies, and a deep understanding of the mobile payment and digital advertising landscape.

With a global footprint across the mobile ecosystem, Mobile Arts has established itself as a trusted partner, delivering tailor-made solutions that cater to its clients' needs.

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Innovative Technologies

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Our advanced advertising is enhanced with AI and compliance protection, accompanied by anti-fraud measures, ultimately offering authentic traffic through top-tier partners like Google, Facebook, and TikTok.
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With our diverse payment methods, including direct carrier billing, credit cards, and E-wallets, we can provide payment methods tailored to your business needs.
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Content Hosting

We partner with top-notch content providers, offering merchants the flexibility to seamlessly build their own digital services across a wide range of verticals.

Key Advantages for You

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We have established a strong reputation, standing as a Google partner, and boasting an impressive track record on Google Ads.
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We leverage serverless AWS infrastructure, allowing mobile ecosystem players to build and grow their businesses with scalability and reliability.
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Our integration with Adjust provides carrier billing as an alternative payment method for content providers, targeting unbanked consumers in EMEA.

MEFFYS Content & Advertising 2023

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Global Partnerships

Mobile Arts operates a global network of 20+ DCB aggregators and 26+ publishers and social media agencies, all catering to more than 20 merchants through Europe and the MENA region.
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Trusted Partner

With our history and achievements in the industry, we have become a trusted partner committed to achieving your business goals and delivering results.

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