Mobile Arts is a fast growing company offering sophisticated solutions for mobile advertising and marketing, mobile tracking, content hosting and mobile payment through our advanced mobile media buying platform MobiBox. It is a global solution for mobile apps attribution and tracking.

We are an international team of talented, dedicated and aspiring professionals, developers and employees. Our main office is located in Lebanon Beirut, our second office is in India Mumbai and has already offered its services to several customers since 2012 on the mobile application development market.

Our goal is to be a global leader in delivering best services to the enterprise business management products, technology and solutions.


We specialize in connecting advertisers to publishers in the most efficient way through our advanced mobile media buying platform MobiBox. Our publishers will be able to benefit and monetize their traffic while our advertisers have the opportunity to place their offers on our platform and have extended reach and targeted results.

Our tracking SDK measures the effectiveness of the application promotion campaigns that integrates it, by tracking the installs and in-app events (such as subscribes and sign-ups) and see how many of these conversions are being driven by the advertising networks.

It is possible to tag any event in the application to be tracked as a conversion. Whenever users perform the tagged action, the event is recorded and can be viewed in campaign reports (Business intelligent reports).

This allows our clients to quickly enter new or unique markets and optimize campaigns with flexible yet robust tools.


Through media buying focused on both high performance and high volume traffic sources (install projection model based on types of media and speed of optimization).


Optimize performance through advanced targeting solutions.


Track and deliver campaign analytics with comprehensive reporting.


We provide content-hosting and content-management service that allow you to distribute content to consumers via smart devices, and manage your content in an easy and intuitive way. From images, videos and audios to HTML, HTML5 and apps, we support all kinds of content to best suit your business needs. Each and every type of content can be grouped into categories for better classification.


In addition to allowing your audience to access and view the data we are hosting, we also support users' uploads, which encourages interaction between you and your audience. You surely will have full control and management over the content uploaded by users.


More so, we offer you the ability to benefit from the content you provide to your audience by charging users for premium content using our payment SDK and partners which will be described in the next segment.


Our payment SDK enables simple and secure purchases of services in Android apps, and eliminates the need to manually enter payment information. It doesn't require users to have a credit card or bank account to subscribe to premium features of the application.

According to the payment method you want to apply, users enter their cell phone number, receive a text message with a Pin Code or press a button to subscribe and then all virtual charges are automatically charged to the user's cell phone bill (charging fees will be clearly communicated to users in the disclaimer). Payment through Google Wallet is also available in case of non-supported operators.

Flexibility is a very important criteria in our solutions, therefor we allow our clients to personalize the theme of billing for each application by having full control over text style, colors, logos, disclaimers…

Flexibility is a very important criteria in our solutions, therefor we allow our clients to personalize the theme of billing for each application by having full control over text style, colors, logos, disclaimers…


Our aim is to design and develop high-performance, innovative apps for our clients which take their nascent ideas to the next level. Not only do our development efforts allow you to carve a niche for your brand, but also attract new and repeating customers on a regular basis. Our high-profile mobile app development services include

We prefer Scrum methodology for developing projects, and better tools for monitoring project status.

By choosing an iterative approach, we allow our clients to monitor the progress of our work. Progress reports and deliverables are provided at agreed intervals, giving the client an overall control of the development process.

More generally, we try to apply most of the principles of eXtreme Programming. Time tracking is done using Intervals Online and we use bitbucket(git) for code versioning.



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Headquarter Office (Lebanon)
4th Floor | Sbeity business center | Gallery Semaan Street | Beirut,Lebanon.
Tel: (961) 1-272361, P.O.Box: 45-109

Germany Office
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 5 | 10178 Berlin,Germany.

India Office
228, Ashapura Complex | Near BSNL office 396195 | Vapi,India.

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