Senior Stop Motion Animator

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Lebanon

Mobile Arts is seeking a talented Senior Stop Motion Animator to join our team.
You will bring stories to life, manage intricate projects, and collaborate with
our creative team. Your expertise will help produce high-quality, captivating
stop-motion animations.


Developing and sculpting detailed clay characters and expressive and durable props for
stop-motion animation.
Creating visual storyboards from written scripts to plan scenes and animation sequences,
ensuring a cohesive narrative.
Designing and constructing miniature sets for scenes, ensuring proper lighting to enhance
visual storytelling and mood.
Executing stop motion animation by meticulously capturing each frame, adjusting
characters and sets incrementally to create fluid movement.
Editing and refining the animated sequences, integrating sound effects, music, and visual
effects to enhance the final product.
Working closely with writers, directors, and other team members to ensure the animation
aligns with the project’s vision and objectives.
Revising and refining animations based on feedback, making necessary adjustments to
improve the overall quality and storytelling impact.
Managing multiple animation projects simultaneously, prioritizing tasks, and meeting
deadlines without compromising quality or creativity.


Bachelor’s degree in animation, fine arts, or a related field.
Proven experience in designing clay characters and sets, as well as shooting frame-by-
frame stop-motion animation.
Proficiency in clay modeling and set design.
Strong understanding of lighting techniques for miniature sets.
Ability to meticulously plan and execute frame-by-frame animation.
Familiarity with post-production software such as Adobe After Effects or similar tools.
Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
Creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.
A portfolio showcasing previous stop-motion animation projects, particularly those
involving clay characters and sets.
Knowledge of digital photography and video editing is a plus.
Experience with kids’ content.

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